Honeymoon session

Romantic Maui Honeymoon beach session { Kanaha Beach, kahului }

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Ah the honeymoon… a time to get away and soak in each other’s company, probably much needed after months of wedding planning. This is a wedding tradition I fully support (and of course, I think Maui is the most perfect destination wedding and honeymoon location), however the origin of the word is a little hazy and not the most romantic. 

One theory is that the word comes from the Nordic term "hjunottsmanathr." This refers to when the groom would actually kidnap his bride and keep her in hiding until her family stopped looking for her. 

Another thought dates back to the 5th century, when calendar time was represented by moon cycles. Back then, guests would gift the couple with enough mead aka honey wine to last them through their first moon of marriage. Mead was considered an aphrodisiac that would help with conception. 

Lastly, it is believed that the term is based on the Old English “hony moone,” a term actually meant to warn couples about the temporary feeling of love. Hony, a reference to honey, is for how sweet the new marriage is, while moone suggests the sweetness will not last long as feelings will wane like the moon. 

Luckily, the honeymoon has evolved with couples looking forward to this special alone time of creating newlywed memories together. Even better is when couples ask me to document these moments. 

It was pretty windy for this Maui honeymoon session, but I loved how these sweethearts never let it bother them. In the end, the wind added to the playful, carefree atmosphere and magical movement on the beach. 

Lisa + Matt {Day After Wedding Hawaii Love Session at Ko Olina Beach, Oahu}

There's something magical that happens when a couple lets you into their world. I feel a bit like a spy who is being shown a very special secret, witnessing the emotion on their faces and the way they share their own love language. This magic happens most frequently when the couple is relaxed without a care in the world except enjoying each other's company, and Day After sessions are filled with these amazing moments.

Of course, don't get me wrong, the wedding day is spectacular in its own extraordinary way, but there is usually so much going on with tons of details and memories to document. We also have to be aware of a timeline and I would always want more alone time with just the couple. 

I met up with Lisa and Matt after their Oahu wedding for more adventuring and I'm so thankful we did! Their beautiful love dazzled. Plus Lisa was able to have another gorgeous look. My hope for Lisa and Matt (and all my couples) is that wherever life's journey takes them, they will be able to look back at their photos of the fresh start of their marriage and be reminded of all the fluttery feelings and the reasons for their everlasting commitment.

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